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To maintain tooth health dental care teeth

It is a solid bone in the form of small pieces, immersed in a frame of flesh called the gums, which is arranged properly in the decomposition of the human, and the teeth are also in the animals, and have the same structure almost, and grow teeth in two stages, at the beginning of human life grow teeth Which begins to fall after a certain age to grow instead of permanent teeth, and teeth have great benefits, notably facilitate the process of eating, which is the secret of beautiful smile and attractive appearance, so it is very important to care for the health and care of teeth, and must maintain the color bright white, On the health and safety of teeth there are many things that must be preserved and most important what will be presented in this article. Dental Care Tips Stay away from soft drinks and avoid excessive coffee and tea. Brush and putty three times a day, especially after eating and before sleeping. Eat foods rich in calcium as milk derivatives and some types of vegetables and fruits to strengthen and protect teeth. Visit a dentist periodically to detect decay and inflammation that may cause more problems if not treated. Not to eat too much sweets and chocolate, which may help increase tooth decay. Drinking enough water during the day helps maintain and protect your teeth. Do not use teeth to break down harsh objects such as nuts, or open the gas containers. Eating sugar-free frankincense helps to protect teeth by increasing the amount of saliva that keeps the teeth. Use some natural elements to whiten the teeth and maintain their bright color, especially after drinking coffee or soft drinks, by using lemon juice with table salt, use a clean toothbrush to rub the teeth with this solution, then wash the teeth well, or use lemon peel through rubbing The teeth from the inside, these materials contribute significantly to whitening the teeth and give them a bright and attractive color. It is recommended to use the electronic toothbrush to remove the layer of calcareous accumulated on the teeth, and if the electronic brush is not possible, it is preferable to use a small toothbrush, and clean the teeth manually and in the right way.

Risks of neglect of dental hygiene

Please note that the subject of dental care is very important and should not be neglected, as medical studies have shown that the accumulation of bacteria in the teeth can be transmitted to the lung as the age, causing a serious type of pneumonia, and may lead to death, To clean the teeth to avoid diseases caused by neglect.