Nerve treatment

When is the withdrawal of the nerve indicated?

The tooth or tooth needs to be pulled out in several cases

When necrosis gets to the nerve, even if it is not accompanied by severe pain, pain can only be obtained after neuritis.
Feeling pain on both warm and cold.
When severe nighttime pain or pain is caused during sleep, pain or severe day-to-day pain lasts for more than half an hour.
Inflammation around the root of the nearby tooth can cause damage to the proper tooth nerve and start inflammation and then die.
In the case of emergency, travel may end in one session with the occurrence of the mother around the age of the treatment of the average disappears with the painkillers.

The stages of pulling the nerve are as follows:

  1. Nerve removal (nerve removal).

  2. Clean the root canal (the place of the pulled nerve) and expand it.

  3. Nervous nerve.

  4. The final filling of age.

In the case of nerve withdrawals, a wedge should be placed inside the root (in the tooth with one root) or in one of the roots (at an age that has more than one root) to support filling stability and reduce the risk of tooth fracture

Each tooth drawn from the nerve must be crowned (Talabisa) because the age is weak and refractable for several reasons:

  1. Age may be eaten heavily due to caries and the rest is like the skin and weak.
  2. That the age due to the withdrawal of the nerve loses about 75% of the moisture in it, which is derived from the nerve and surrounding tissues, and thus becomes brittle and more breakable.
  3. The tooth drawn from the nerve is like the dry back, which is easy to break, unlike the age of the living nerve.