Tooth Extractions


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Dental removals are either "simple" or "surgical". The simple ones are performed on the teeth that appear in the mouth, usually under local anesthesia, and only require the use of tools to lift and / or catch the visible part of the tooth. The teeth are used to lift the teeth, the toothpicks, and then the tooth is pumped forward and backward until the ligaments surrounding the tooth are torn and the supporting tooth bone expands to make the tooth relatively free to move. When the teeth are removed by forceps, the doctor uses regular pressure on the tooth. The surgical removal of the teeth when not easy to reach, either because of broken down the gum line or for lack of full growth. Here, the removal is always required for surgical incisions. In surgical ejaculation, the doctor lifts the soft tissues covering the teeth and bones, and may also remove the tissue of the jawbone surrounding it using a tool for drilling or osteotomee. The year is often divided into several parts during surgery to facilitate the removal of the tooth. These operations are usually performed under general anesthesia.